Our Latest Project

Great news here from the team at Fubar Recordings. Following a rather long and drawn out 12 months we have finally finished the sound and music that is to accompany a new slot game that is to be officially released early next year. Unfortunately due to client confidentiality, we aren’t at liberty to say which casino game manufacturer is behind the game, or indeed what the game title is. Let’s just say that we think that this game will be up there with the best ever produced by the likes of Aristocrat, IGT and WMS Gaming!

The good news is that this slot game is to be premiered at the upcoming Gambling Expo, which for the first time will showcase online casino games, including the latest HTML5 compliant mobile casino games.  The initial feedback from test players is extremely positive. In what can only be described as one of the most competitive gambling landscapes in the world, we are expecting big things when this game is released.

One of the key components in producing and recording sound for a game such as this lies in our ability to take a completely fresh approach to the task. First off, our project team spend the best part of a month playing a variety of popular slot machine games and understanding it’s features and bonus rounds. We then document this before we even start composing sound or music for the game.

One of the challenges we are facing these days, particularly in the Belgium casino market, is our ability to produce quality sound for games across a multitude of platforms. When Fubar Recording’s first came into existence our task was a lot easier (though we didn’t recognise this at the time!).  Slot machine manufacturer’s were focused solely on traditional games that can be found in brick and mortar casinos. Times have certainly moved on, and today we are required to produce sound that works across a myriad of devices, including mobile phones and tablets. Next time you are playing your favourite mobile casino game on your phone think of us!

We were also delighted to hear that some of the other casino games we have worked on have been nominated for awards at the Annual E2AD Gambling Awards event. It’s clear that the growth in popularity of online casino games is increasing year on year, and with companies like Aristocrat Technologies, Bonus Casino, Bally, IGT and WMS Gaming continuing to release quality games into this market, it’s great to see that that the work we that we have been doing is up there with the best that these other recognisable and successful slot machine manufacturers.

Naturally we will let you know how we get on, and as soon as we can officially release details of this particular game we will do. In the meantime we have picked up a couple of new projects, both for two leading slot machine manufacturers. It’s still early days in terms of development, but we are already excited about the potential that these games have, and we will let you know more about them in coming months.